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The Other Guy

The Other Guy - Cary Attwell A well-written, low on sex and high on humour m/m book? Hello there, mythical creature! This book deserves a read merely because it exists! I loved it that it was so low on unnecessary tears and melodrama (considering the fact that the main character is left at the altar you'd expect a lot of whining - luckily, this is not that kind of story) and the characters - even the ones making brief appearances - are their own people. Nate, for instance, could have been just a prop for Emory on his path towards healing and self-discovery, but he comes with his own unresolved painful past (he came out to his parents as a teenager and they threw him out and never spoke to him again) - which actually kind of makes Emory even more of a bastard for being indecisive. The romance is very sweet and understated, there's clever banter and a long friendship and, while Emory's inner struggle with his sexuality may not reach epic proportions, I thought his procrastination to properly deal with it went along quite well with his low-key personality - he is 'the other guy' after all, effaced and steady, this is not about him emerging as a butterfly and denying his past self.

All in all this book was a delightful surprise and I was really upset to find it's the author's only one :).

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